Zaza Cuban Espresso in Greca or Mocha Pot

How to Use a Greca

A greca, or mocha pot, is known as an iconic fixture in Abuela's kitchen. The greca takes excellent coffee and prepares it in a way that draws out those classic flavors we love. The Zaza Cuban Espresso and Zaza Tranquilo are especially delicious when prepared with a greca. If this is your first time with a greca or mocha pot, the list below is a helpful guide on how to prep your favorite coffee with it. 

  1. Start with the greca completely disassembled, washed, dry, and ready to go. 
  2. Fill the lower component with water. Many have a fill line or a screw that denotes the ideal point. 
  3. Insert ground Zaza Cuban Espresso or Zaza Tranquilo in the filter portion of the greca. Tamping the coffee down into the filter and topping off again will provide even more bold flavors and is ideal for espresso. The ground coffee should be compact but still leaving some space for the water to provide a great brew. 
  4. Close up the greca, then place it on the stove on high heat. 
  5. Monitor for 10-15 minutes until the top is full of your Tranquilo or Espresso. 
  6. Turn off the stove and make your favorite drinks! Cuban Espresso can be utilized to make a wide variety of drinks...colada, cafe con leche, and many more. The Tranquilo is water processed, so it's a true premium coffee with very complex aromas and flavors. Enjoy!
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